True Appointment Service Toyota of Houston

Our customers wanted faster service in Houston, Texas...
and we've listened!

Express maintenance should be just that...EXPRESS! We know time is your most valuable commodity and you don't want to just sit around waiting for your vehicle to be serviced. That's why we offer Toyota Care/Express maintenance by "TRUE APPOINTMENT"!

What does a "TRUE APPOINTMENT" mean for you?

For every 5,000 or 10,000 mile service (oil change and/or tire rotation) you will receive:

  • A Dedicated arrival lane for YOUR vehicle
  • A Dedicated time slot for YOUR vehicle
  • A Dedicated team of technicians and advisor for YOUR vehicle
  • A Dedicated service bay for YOUR vehicle

Our goal is to service your vehicle in 35 minutes or less from the time of arrival to departure. If not, we'll top off your tank with gas!