Toyota End of Lease Options

Toyota Lease Returns

Are you approaching the end of your lease? If so, Don McGill Toyota of Houston wants to buy your leased vehicle, even if you didn’t lease it from us! As you start to think about what’s next, let us assist you in making the decision that's right for you, as there are a couple of options for you to choose from when you decide to return your lease to Don McGill Toyota of Houston.

  • Sell us your leased vehicle and buy or lease a new Toyota
  • Sell us your leased vehicle and you could get cash in hand

Option 1: Sell Us Your Leased Vehicle and Buy or Lease a New Toyota

This option is convenient, easy, and best of all, you get to drive off in a brand new Toyota! We'll be happy to show you the latest models and discuss your options. Simply contact us for more information.

Option 2: Sell Us Your Leased Vehicle, and we could pay you more than you owe

If you select this option, your lease concludes when you turn in your vehicle to us. We could make your last payment for you, and we’ll also give you a ride home if you choose not to lease or purchase a new Toyota from our dealership. We make it simple — just visit us, and we can take care of all the necessary paperwork.

Why Return Your Lease at Don McGill Toyota of Houston?

Don McGill Toyota of Houston wants to be your lease return headquarters! If you are at the end of your lease and wondering what to do next, we can make it easy for you. A few reasons you should sell us your leased vehicle are that we will:

  • Buy any Toyota model
  • We could give you cash in hand
  • We could pay more than you owe
  • We could make your last payment
  • Give you a ride home

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